Artist's Statement


"The Emperor's New Clothes"
and other Selected Works by Nöle Giulini

The conceptual context of my work is about the subtle tension created between material, process and form. Matter regarded as flawed, without value, or no longer useful is given significance and meaning through the creative process. Something unwanted, perhaps offensive, can be discovered to be sacred and complete.

Out of debris and its psychological companions, I find the one thread--and I follow it. My intention is neither to decorate or please nor to irritate or repulse.

It is my life's calling to climb into the interior and wait silently. Within these mossy walls I get to, once again, turn over rocks to see what lives underneath.

Ultimately the effort lies in trusting what is already here to unfold.

In "Holy Socks," for instance, I collected socks with holes in them their owners were going to throw away. But it was exactly the holes that I found interesting. Here lay the boundary between something and nothing, between positive and negative space. The holes serves as both the boundary and the opening into the mystery.

In other works I have used Kombcha Culture to grow my own material. Here time turns liquid into solid. Solid ages, like us, and time becomes another element in sculpture.

We are taken by time. We have no choice.

How much can I explain?

Everything that reminds us of home

Is home.

- Nöle Giulini

July 6th, 2005
"Much Ado About Nothing"

To trust the slightest inkling
To take an impulse all the way
To turn into value what has been discarded
To point out that which has been forgotten
To bring forth that which has been swept under the carpet
To bring into the light what hides in the closet

Straw into Gold
Sandpaper into velvet
To no longer look on the outside for what is missing inside

To listen to what remains silent
To allow (into oneself) that which has been dismissed
To question an answer
To bring into focus the confused, the irritating, and the irritable,
The undeniable and the painful

To settle into discomfort
To relax into one's crookedness
To comfort the rejected, the distressed and the ones left out and unloved

To pick up what has been dropped under the table, put it in a pipe and smoke it

To elaborate on what lies in between the lines
To elevate the basic
To treasure the smallest, faintest, the seemingly most unlikely; most insignificant

To transform the ordinary into the extraordinary
To turn shortcomings into longshots
To come to terms with the terminal

To inhabit the space next to nothing

To get one's hands dirty
To make do
To make something out of nothing
To invent meaning

To set up a circus tent inside a tight ass

To broaden the horizon in a narrow mind
To make it up
To show up, regardless

To let the drop account for the ocean

- Nöle Giulini

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